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UltraBooster SH 2.2

UltraBooster SH will accelerate the downloads of your Shareaza client
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UltraBoosters LLC

UltraBooster SH is a program that will accelerate the downloads of your Shareaza client. It can do this by modifying the configuration of the network, and will allow you to grab files online at a better speed. The program will run separated of your original Shareaza client, optimizing your Internet connection, relieving traffic clogs and making it easier to search through multiple resources. UltraBooster SH can be run before launching Shareaza. In fact, it includes a button that will launch the Shareaza client. But this will only work for some versions of Shareaza. During the writing of this review, the program failed to detect versions 2.0.0 (older) and the latest version, 8.0.0. It worked OK with version, however. The program will let you choose the network adapter that your Internet connection uses, in order to optimize the parameters for that adapter. This is the only thing that you can configure in the program, everything else is done automatically. The installer will try to install the Energy toolbar, but it will work if you choose not to do that.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It enhances the speed of your downloads


  • It does not recognize the latest Shareaza client
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